Pressure bag Vulcanizing unit HS

The vulcanizing unit HS with pressure bag system is characterized by the
low dead weights of the individual components.
The pressure is applied via a full-surface pressure bag, which can be supplied either with compressed air or water.
It is suitable for connecting conveyor belts with Fabric and steel cable layers.
The compressed air system can exert a maximum surface pressure of 70 N/cm², with the water pressure system up to 140 N/cm² can be achieved.
The heating plates are characterised by their low weight.
Like the other K&K vulcanising heating plates, this type is also available with integrated cooling ducts.
A full-surface silicon heating foil and an equally full-surface pressure bag ensure optimum temperature and pressure distribution.

  • lightweight design
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Integrated cooling system
  • TÜV-approved pressure pad

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The HS vulcanizing press consists of the following components:


  • Upper and lower traverse profiles in lightweight aluminium construction.

  • Heating plates in sandwich construction.

  • Pressure bag for even pressure distribution.

  • Pressure compensation plate which sits between pressure bag and upper traverse profiles.

  • Anchor bolts made of high-strength steel, which serve to screw together upper and lower traverse profiles.

  • Electrical control for temperature regulation.

  • Water cooling system for rapid cooling of the splice.


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Pressure system

Pressure bag

Heating plates

Plug system



Mobile water cooling system

Connection cables