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Vulcanizing unit, mechanic

Vulkanisiepresse Mechanisch

The K & K vulcanizing unit with mechanical pressure system are especially suitable for smaller belt widths up to 1,400 mm, but can also be used on larger belt widths.

The surface pressure is produced by pressure spindles using a torque wrench. The pressure bars are made of high quality aluminium and obtain thereby a very high tensile- and bending strength. The pressing bars are fi xed by special draw bolts.

The heating platens are also made of high-quality aluminium. They are heated by flat tube heating elements and reach a temperature of 140°C in approx. 20 minutes. We offer a compressed-air or water cooling system for an accelerated cooling down. With the integrated water cooling system the heating platens can be cooled down till 80°C within 10–15 minutes.


Mechanical Pressure Spindle

Mechanischer Druckschuh

  • Robust steel design
  • Maximum torque 200 Nm
  • Simple mechanical

Torque Wrench


  • Pressure is applied  to the splice by means of a torque wrench via the pressure spindle
  • With compatible spanner socket 
  • Especially suitable for rubber conveyor belts with fabric splies

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