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The Vulcanizing Unit HS

The vulcanizing unit HS is individually manufactured like all other vulcanizing units by Künneth & Knöchel, customized for all belt widths, splice lengths, voltages etc.

The vulcanizing unit HS produces the surface pressure by a pressure bag. This pressure bag can be operated up to 7 bar (70 N/cm²) by compressed air or water and up to 14 bar (140 N/cm²) only by water.

The big advantage of the vulcanizing unit HS is the lower weight of the several components. That means a large ease for the vulcanizers.

Also this press has a very small height:

  • Cross-beams: 157–250 mm
  • Heating Platens: 50 mm

With the very robust pressure bag with aramid reinforcement we achieve an even surface pressure.

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